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Caboodle Encryption


I've been slowly working my way into finding out how this wonderful app can be utilized to suit a variety of my needs.

One of those needs includes being able to create "encrypted" entries, which I see is available within the app. My question is, what type and / or what level of encryption is used in Caboodle. I'm hoping that its AES "blowfish" or an equally efficient encryption method and not RC4.

Could you please inform me, so I can avail myself of this feature if it matches the level of encryption I'm hoping for.


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Re: Caboodle Encryption

Yes, Caboodle uses the standard Blowfish encryption. It's a quite secure and efficient algorithm. Of course, no encryption is 100% secure, but Blowfish is very good. I'm happy trusting it with my own data.

Caboodle Encryption

Thanks so much for the quick reply Mr. Sinclair. Since receiving your response, I've beem taking advantage of the encryption posssibilities with Caboodle. Bravo on creating a truly affordable, and immensely useful application. It should keep Mac users very happy for quite sometime!