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Feature suggestion: Configurable messages and images


Thanks so much for this great product! The breaks have helped me relax, stretch, and breathe over and over again when I used to get so very tense at the computer. Thank You!!!

I have a suggestion for your next release:

It would be nice to be able to customize the "Time Out", "Time out due now..." and "Back to work..." messages, as well as the images that appear. I would love to be shown images and messages that inspire me over and over.



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Re: Feature suggestion: Configurable messages and images

Hi Logan.

Good news: that feature is coming in Time Out 2, which will be released after Leopard is generally available.

I don't want to talk too much about it yet, but it will allow extensive customization of the break display, so you can have your own text and pictures there. Stay tuned to the Dejal Blog for news and sneak peeks.

Thanks for the feedback!

As we wait...is there a short term hack to change the msg or img

Just wondering? :)

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Re: As we wait...

Not really, unless you have Apple's developer tools. If you do, you could edit the nib file to display whatever you want, though of course your changes would be lost whenever you upgrade the application. Not a recommended option, of course.