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Sort by Subject and Search User Guide

Is there some round-about way to Sort the Entries by Subject? For the project I'm using Caboodle for, it would be helpful if they were alphabetized, and after I add more, I could re-alphabetize the Subjects periodically.

And is there a way to search the User Guide for keywords?


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Re: Sort by Subject and Search User Guide

Sorry, no, there is no automated way to sort the entries list at this time. That has been requested before, and I may well add it in a future version. You can of course manually drag them into whatever order you desire.

One "round-about way" is to export the entries as RTF documents, then import them. You'd lose the custom icons and fields, but they'd be in alphabetic order (child entries would be after their parents, though). Not very elegant, but it might be helpful for you.

As for searching the User Guide, you can do that via the search field at the bottom of a product page.