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micro and macro breaks

Here is what I'm trying to do, but with not quite complete success:

1) set a micro break for every 10 minutes that lasts 15 seconds.
2) set a normal break every 24 minutes that lasts 6 minutes.

A typical hour would look like this:

10 - micro break
20 - micro break
24 - normal break
40 - micro break
50 - micro break
54 - macro break

What is happening is a get 1 micro break for every normal break, rather than 2 micro breaks. The first one comes at 10 minutes, but the micro break at 20 minutes doesn't seem to get triggered. In other words I get:

10 - micro break
24 - normal break
40 - micro break
54 - normal break

I'm wondering if I'm missing something simple?

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Re: micro and macro breaks

It's probably because the micro break at 20 minutes would be too close to the normal break at 24 minutes. Time Out has logic to avoid having two breaks too close together. A 6 minute break 4 minutes after another break would likely qualify.

So the solution is to make your micro breaks slightly closer together, to leave more time between the micro and normal breaks.

Time Out 2 will have more flexible options on setting break times, including fixed break times.