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SMTP Service tweak

Just a note on the default SMTP service.

I'm using EIMS as my mail server, and one of the common anti-spam practices is to automatically block any host that tries to connect using the same HELO name as the currently running server. Having this kind of setup meant that Simon connected fine on the first attempt, but then on all subsequent attempts it reported a failure as EIMS blocked the incoming connection, since the SMTP service defaults to using the name of the server being tested in the helo.

I've duplicated the SMTP service and changed the then send helo {TestURL} to be hardcoded to then send helo mydomain.tld and now it's running fine.

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Re: SMTP Service tweak

That's one of Simon's strengths: if a service doesn't work quite right, you can tweak it (if a Port or Script based service, anyway -- and can often replace others with scripts).