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Local reports of multiple sites

I'm a little confused. I've tried to create a local report on the 3 sites I'm monitoring (actually, 1 pop and 2 sites.)

Although it creates all of the subfolders correctly, there is no master index.html page at the top level. Am I missing something? Do I need to do a remote upload to my local server to get the index page?


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Re: Local reports of multiple sites

Which report template are you using? There should always be a summary page, but it may not be at the top level: several templates use subdirectories for each page (to have cleaner URLs).

For example, I have a report on my Desktop with the following paths, where (in this case) the first one is the summary page:


Multiple sites...

OK. It makes sense now. I used the embedded style and didn't pay attention to the .inc file.

Thanks for kicking me in the right direction!