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Timeout and VMWare (possibly Parallels too?)

I have an "enhancement request". Very often, I am forced (yes, forced) to use Visio to create diagrams for clients. So I have a VMWare image prepared for those bad days when I have to use Windoze.

With Timeout running while I'm using VMWare (typically in "fullscreen mode"), when it triggers either type of break and the break ends, the "context" is not returned properly to the app I was working in (although context is given back to VMWare).

For example, If I'm in the middle of typing in a "text box" and Timeout kicks in, when it's done, I have to reselect the text box to continue typing.

This is a minor nit, and doesn't cause me a lot of grief.

But, if it's something that can be easily resolved, I'd appreciate having a version that didn't do this. If not, c'est la vie... :)


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Re: Timeout and VMWare (possibly Parallels too?)

Do you click in the Time Out break controls when this occurs? That is the only action that makes the Time Out app active. Time Out switches back to the former app afterwards, though.

How each app handles being deactivated and activated is up to it. It sounds like VMWare is removing the keyboard focus when it is deactivated. There isn't anything Time Out could do to avoid that, unfortunately; it's a design decision in VMWare.

One option could be to avoid having breaks while in VMWare. In version 1.5.1, you would need to manually pause and resume the breaks as needed. In version 2, I plan to add preferences to automatically pause Time Out when specified apps are in use.

It's interesting. I've

It's interesting. I've noticed that context doesn't return "sometimes". I'll focus more on what the environment is as each break occurs, and see if I can find out what's causing it.

I don't think I've been clicking on the controls, but I'll be watching that too.

Now if I could only get Timeout to forceably make stretch and exercise, I'd be much better off. Thinking about hooking 220V to my mouse and the spacebar that activate during the timeouts to force me to take my "hands off" and stop for a minute or two... LOL


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