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Occassionally Glitchy Search

I'm not exactly sure if the Glitchy behavior started after a Caboodle Update, or after I passed a certain number of items. I currently have 288 items in Caboodle. Lately, when I do a search it will frequently not return Items that I know match the search phrase.

I exit Caboodle, restart it, do the search again, and the expected items are this time returned as results.

Awhile later, after many more searches, I'll notice I'm not getting all of the results again, so I exit Caboodle, restart it, and all is well again.

If there is a maintenance process anyone can recommend, or any other suggestions for restoring the reliable search, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Re: Occassionally Glitchy Search

There is a known issue with the current version of Caboodle where it doesn't index new entries until you re-launch the app. More specifically, it indexes the entry contents on launch, so any changes after that are not indexed till next launch.

This hasn't been a priority to fix, as (a) I want to do a major rewrite of the indexing in a future version, and (b) I figure that you aren't too likely to need to search for information you just added. But rest assured that I'm aware of it, and will fix it in a future release.

Re: Occassionally Glitchy Search

Yes, I am aware of the issue with newly added and newly edited posts. However, this new Glitchy Search problem is different. Because I knew of the issue as you describe it, I've been paying particular attention to the circumstances.

For example, I have an entry with the Keyword: Edges. It's been an entry for many months, and hasn't been edited. I was able to Search and Retrieve it early in the morning, but later in the morning it did not get Retrieved until after I quit and relaunched.

I hope that extra detail helps. Thanks again!

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Re: Occassionally Glitchy Search

Weird. Things shouldn't spontaneously vanish from the index. Thanks for the report; I'll investigate when next working on Caboodle.