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Is it possible to share my Caboodle document (not the application) across a network so that my 2 Macs at home can both deal with the same data? This would be a lot easier than trying to sync it up somehow.

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Re: networkable?

Yes and no. You could put the data in a shared location (i.e. somewhere where both of your machines can access it), and use it that way -- so long as you can guarantee that the two machines don't access it at the same time. Doing so would likely lead to lost data, as one changes the data out from under the other. (The Advanced prefs allows you to change the location of the data.)

There's currently no way to have Caboodle running on two machines and access the same data. I do want to add that feature in the future, though.

just to clarify

Thanks for your quick reply.

I don't need to literally use the document simultaneously, but I'd like to have Caboodle open (to this document) simultaneously on 2 machines, so I don't have to remember to quit the program every time I leave the room.
Are you saying this isn't possible yet?


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Re: just to clarify

It's dangerous territory. In theory you could have Caboodle open on two machines sharing the same data, so long as you don't make any changes. If you change anything on either, there's a good chance the change will be lost when the other app saves its data. So I really don't recommend it.