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Disable Automatic Lists?

Is it possible to disable the lists which are automatically generated when Caboodle detects a list? The results are often pretty ridiculous, and I am constantly hitting undo, then using the arrow keys to move to the bottom of the list to make a new entry, which seems to prevent the auto-detection.


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Re: Disable Automatic Lists?

If I'm understanding you correctly, lists aren't automatically generated, they appear when you press Option-Tab. If you press it accidentally, you can simply press Return to exit list mode.

(sorry for the delayed

(sorry for the delayed reply, got sidetracked)

No, I mean lists are being generated without my purposefully entering list mode.

What I mean can be replicated this way:

1) Make a new entry
2) Type in two tabs, then a word. Hit return.

Now you have an automatically generated list. It seems that two tabs in a row is the magic formula. Just tabbing in once doesn't trigger this activity.

However, I've also had it occur other times. Today a list was generated when I dragged an image file into Caboodle. That didn't make any sense at all to me. It may have to do with my making list-like entries which always have a blank line between them.


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Re: Disable Automatic Lists?

It does seem weird. I wasn't able to recreate it that simply, but by randomly typing and pressing tabs, I did experience it unintentionally starting lists a couple of times.

It isn't something Caboodle is doing itself; I think it must be a bug in the OS's text view. I imagine doing the same sort of thing in TextEdit (in Rich Text mode) would have the same issue.

If we can narrow down some sort of circumstance that can be consistently recreated, I could file a bug report with Apple.

Naturally I'm no longer able

Naturally I'm no longer able to replicate it with those steps right now either. It definitely seems to be related to tabs somehow, as tabbing under other situations triggers it (like you yourself noticed).

I'll keep looking for situations which look like they consistently reproduce the effect.

So, I think I may have

So, I think I may have narrowed it down. It seems like List formatting is sticky.

The automatic list behavior occurs when I make a new sibling/child from an entry which already has a list.


1) Make a list
2) While the cursor is inside the list, make a sibling/child
3) Type in a word, hit return, two tabs, another word, return

Now I think you should have an automatically generated list.

The wrinkle in my situation is that I don't actually have a single List in my entire database, since I hate them so much. However, I tried them once or twice. So what I suspect is that some List formatting is hanging out in some of my entries, such that whenever I make a new sibling from them, it gets propagated to the new entry.

In fact, you can see the same behavior with tables. Make a new table, then while inside the table make a sibling. Start typing, hit return, and you have a table in the new entry.

Perhaps this is associated with how the text view retains the general text formatting options when you make a new entry? I kind of like that behavior, but it might be possible to clear only the list/table formatting upon entry generation?


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Re: So, I think I may have

I see. I think Caboodle is doing the right thing here, retaining the formatting for entries based on another -- that is one of its features.

If you don't want a list or table in a child entry, you may be able to avoid it by positioning the insertion point outside the list or table. Or just hit Return once or twice to exit list mode.