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Screensaver Interlude

Suggestion for upcoming release:

Instead of 'colorizing' the screen (which is nice) allow the user to specify a photograph to come up on the screen (along with the opacity). For example, I'd probably pick one of the ocean landscapes I use on my screensaver. That's a nice time out-thinking about the Carribbean!


Time Out soundtracks

I'd like to see ambient nature sounds bundled with Time Out to use during the time outs. For example a couple of minutes of ocean sounds (that would loop for longer time outs) and a couple of minutes of rain sounds. I do that now using iTunes but it would be simpler if the sounds were options built into the program.


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Re: Screensaver Interlude

Both custom pictures and custom sounds, along with custom text, are all planned for Time Out 2. I don't want to talk about it too much yet, but that's certainly coming. I'm excited about Time Out 2!