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Replace Icon for family

I just bought my first Mac - mainly to be able to run iCalamus, Caboodle and have the time machine - and am a bit fighting right now. As a well organized Windows after Atari user I find Mac quite chaotic for these first hours ... Hope this will change after a few days or weeks of assimilating the different concepts, or ...

Well, caboodle seems to be the great thing I expected. I just can't manage to find how to change the icon for the "gifts" family into another. After a day/night with tons of question marks to stay open for some time I hope I can check off this one soon. Thanks for an answer!

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Re: Replace Icon for family

To replace any icon, simply find another image to use (of any size, but one which will look good at a small size preferably) and drag it onto the image well.


David --

A feature that you might want to add to your Dejal site could be a link(s) to some icon sites -- although you’d have to be careful that you aren’t encouraging copyright violations.

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Re: Icons

That's a good idea. Any recommendations?

I'd like to add that the

I'd like to add that the icon dilemma is an issue with me as well. I'm not a graphic artist and don't have the inclination to learn a new app appropriate for making my own icons. I'd just like to have access to a bunch of icons I could choose from for Caboodle.

Along that line, while I realize Caboodle wasn't designed to have would work equally as well with a folder tree for those of us who are anal about folder trees. It might be a nice configuration option to be able to toggle on a Folder mode and have it switch to a tree like Apple Mail, or many other apps. Alternatively, I think I'll find a folder and a sub-folder icon and just give it a try that way.


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Re: I'd like to add that

Every entry in Caboodle can be considered a folder... that can also contain text. Every entry can have child entries.