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Tips on transitioning to Time Out?

hi! this is my first post to the Dejal forums - thanks for creating Time Out - I can really appreciate the commitment you have to well being!

ok - this is not so much a technical issue but a "behavioral" issue - breaking bad habits.

I'll speak for myself first - perhaps some of you are in the same boat!

In a nutshell - I'm aware I get quite "glued" to my laptop esp when I feel like I'm in the zone and just want to keep going. Clearly chugging away for hrs on without a break in not healthy thus where Time Out comes in.

So my experience of Time Out is probably what it feels like for a chain smoker to stop cold turkey (I'm not a smoker, I just feel I can relate!)

My instinct is to keep going and I just have to retrain myself to take the break when it requests.

So this question is to those who have successfully gone over the chasm and made it thru to the other end:

Was it most effective to go cold turkey straight to "default settings" or change the settings a bit and gradually make your way to the defaults?

let me know if I'm not clear about my question!

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Re: Tips on transitioning to Time Out?

I'd certainly be interested in hearing what others think about this, too.

Time Out 2 will make this easier. It will probably support transition scheduling options, allowing gradually increasing the frequency of the breaks over time.

In the meantime, you could do this manually, by increasing the work interval now, then reduce it periodically till you reach the desired break frequency.

You could also transition in by allowing skipping and postponing breaks (and perhaps have short fade-in times), but try to remind yourself to not skip if you can. Then after a while, as you get more used to it, you could turn off the skip and/or postpone buttons to force yourself to take the breaks.