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Storing License Files in Caboodle?

How do I import a license file into Caboodle? i.e. The license.jai file for Caboodle and others which do not use a serial number. I need to be able to keep all of my license data in one place.


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Re: Storing License Files in Caboodle?

You can simply drag the file (any kind of file) into a Caboodle entry.

Note that you have the option of keeping copies of the files in entries (so you don't need the original), or aliasing it (linking to the original). By default entries are copied in, but if you hold down the Control key when dropping the file in Caboodle, it makes an alias instead. The mouse pointer will change accordingly.

Hi David, Thanks for

Hi David,

Thanks for responding.

I tried dragging the license.jai file into Caboodle, but all that appeared was a dogeared page that did not appear to be the license file and had no identifier to it to signify what it was.

I would prefer to keep an actual copy of the file in place rather than using an alias as, who knows where the file might get moved to in the future. Plus, it is simply not so large that I can not justify the space on my hard drive to have it in two places.

I tried this with another application which uses a license file and an email (in Entourage) which has additional data. I did get an envelope with a document icon, but when I double clicked on them Mail attempted to open.

I would appreciate any other suggestions.


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Re: Storing License Files in Caboodle?

The file appears as an icon when dragged in, as you found. You can double-click the icon to open it, like in your mail app.

Dragging a file in without holding Control will copy the actual file into Caboodle, so after the entry is saved, the original won't be needed anymore.