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I'm fascinated by the icons but I'm having trouble finding some that look good in Caboodle. The little green gumdrop looks nice. Could we get different colors?

Seems like that little image well needs to be bigger. BTW, the image well seems unaffected by undos. Seems like a right click on a mouse should call up cut/copy/paste, tho it doesn't. A pasted homegrown icon looked fine in sidebar. If I dragged it into the image well, it was much smaller, shoved into the lower left corner.


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Re: Icons

I'm thinking about making the image well bigger in a future release. I might also add a pop-up menu of icon suggestions, too.

You can make different colors of the dot icon by opening it in an image editor (like Photoshop or Acorn) and changing the hue setting.

Re: Icons

How do I get the green dot icon out of Caboodle to put in an image editor? It won't drag and drop to my desktop and highlighting then pasting won't work.


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Re: Icons

If you click on the icon well to select it, you can then choose Edit > Copy. Then paste it into a new document in your image editor of choice.

Thanks...but Acorn's hue

Thanks...but Acorn's hue settings allow only a small portion of the color spectrum to be changed. I couldn't even change the green dot to a red one. I'll try some other image editing program. The developer of Acorn hasn't bothered replying to my question about this. Probably why Acorn gets only three stars at best on any review site.


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Acorn's hue settings

How did you try it? I just changed the green ball to red in Acorn without difficulty:

  1. Open the image in Acorn.
  2. Choose Filter ▶ Color Adjust ▶ Hue Adjust.
  3. Rotate the Angle in the Hue Adjust panel to the desired color.
  4. Save as a new image.

Here's my red ball (you can Ctrl/right-click on it to copy it from here):

Acorn's Hue Settings

Yes...that's the same thing I tried. I guess I was looking for more of a basic red in fire engine :-) I was able to get this one as well, but it looks a little washed out to me. I think I'll make a little project of creating some small images from scratch in various colors.

FWIW, I think icons would be something many users would like to see a bunch of, without having to mess with creating them. Perhaps one of your more graphically adept users will one day create a bunch of them. They're not that important...but the application is! I've compared it to several of the top ones out there and for my nickel it's far more intuitive and configured to match my own thought process for the things it does. I was waiting to try a couple others before registering, but I am sure I will.

Thanks for being so supportive of questions here.


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Re: Acorn's Hue Settings

You could apply other filters to make it brighter (e.g. bump up the saturation).

I would certainly welcome user-submitted icons.

Thanks! LarryMcj




"Bump up the saturation"

That did it...thanks!!! I've been in the computing business for 30 years, but I just hate graphics and have never learned any editing app. I guess I better pick one and just do it. I'm not too in love with Acorn...think I'll try PhotoShop Elements or LiveQuartz. If they don't work out...I'll stick with Acorn.


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Re: Saturation

Glad I could help.

I'm no graphics expert either, but I like Acorn as a quick-and-easy editor. For more heavy-duty tasks (like UI mockups with a hundred layers) I use Photoshop. I used to use Photoshop Elements, but I think Acorn is a better choice for casual use. As with all software, whatever you feel comfortable with is best.