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A couple of questions

1) Is it possible to have multiple Caboodle windows?

2) It would be cool if you could drag an entry onto the desktop or into a folder and it would appear as its own file.

3) It also would be cool if you could add a few features for to-do lists, maybe a checkbox or a time/date stamp

4) Is there a way to add rows to the table on the fly, or are the rows decided when the table is created?

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Re: A couple of questions

1. Not at present. Perhaps in the future.

2. Also probably coming in the future.

3. In the main entry text area, or in the custom fields? You could add a list and put an X next to done items as an interim solution... but Caboodle isn't really designed for to-do lists.

4. Sure, just click in the table, then choose the Table toolbar button and increase the Rows (or Columns) value. There are a number of other attributes you can change there too.