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Caboodle doesn't respond properly to a "Hide on Launch" command from a program I use called Application Wizard. This app simply launches all of my most-used apps at once, or it will also close them all down. I have each app configured in Application Wizard to "Hide on Launch" so it's running in the Dock, but doesn't launch with the interface open, forcing me to close it manually. Caboodle launches but remains open even though this setting is applied. I realize it's an interaction with a third party application, but all other apps I use respond properly to this.

Similar issue with Caboodle's "Automatically start when you login" preference setting. Most applications, if they have a similar preference setting, go ahead and launch, but then hide to the Dock so they're running when needed. Caboodle launches with the interface open, forcing me to hide to the Dock.

Thanks for considering these.


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Re: Suggestions

Thanks for letting me know. I think I might have an idea why that might be, so I'll investigate.

Thanks, David. Also, do you

Thanks, David. Also, do you have any plans for MobileMe integration?


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Re: MobileMe integration?

That is something I'd like to add in the future. I can't say exactly when, though.

Understand. Is "Caboodle

Understand. Is "Caboodle Data.caboodledata" the only file I need to keep synched between my iMac and MBP?


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Re: Understand.