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Turn Caboodle into an alternative Dock

Just discovered this ... (even if it is kinda geeky)

You can use the "Link" command to provide links to files and software on your hard disk. Put file://Macintosh HD/Applications/.app in the Link window and you'll have a clickable link on a Caboodle page.

You can also grab a program icon by holding down the control key and selecting an application, then choose "Show Package Contents." The software will "open" like a folder, with files and folders inside. Now open the "Resources" folder. You should see something with a filename that will tell you it's the program icon. Drag that file into a Caboodle page.

Now select the icon and press Link. Inside the Link window, type in the address. Now the icon is a fully clickable icon, just like your Dock.

It's a great way to make seldom used icons handy.