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Annotation tool inside Preview

Preview has an Annotation tool where you create a box and type in a note to a PDF (and other files Preview opens, I suppose).

If you drag a PDF into Caboodle, double click so that the file opens in Preview, then annotate, that annotation doesn't appear in Caboodle. Is is possible that it could?


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Re: Annotation tool inside Preview

That's because Caboodle is storing a copy of the file, and makes a temporary duplicate of it when you double-click (or drag to the Desktop). So any changes to that duplicate aren't preserved.

If you want to be able to edit files, you should store them somewhere on your hard disk, and only alias them into Caboodle by holding down the Control key when dragging into a Caboodle entry. That way, the original document can be edited, but Caboodle will still reference it. This has the advantage of not taking up space in Caboodle's data file, too, which can slow down loading and saving.

Thanks. Figured there'd be a

Thanks. Figured there'd be a way to solve this.

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