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I think this is way cool

I have been using Caboodle to store PDFs from web sites, etc., and noticed that several programs (Yojimbo and Journler, among them) have built in services that allow PDFs to be stored in their databases. I think it's done through Applescript.

This would be a great, great addition to Caboodle.

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Re: I think this is way cool

That could be a useful addition. Can you provide more information on how it should work? Is it an option in the print panel's "save as" pop-up menu, or elsewhere?

It works in the "Save As

It works in the "Save As PDF" menu of the print dialog, which list items in the PDF Services folder inside the Library folders.

Some are applescripts or workflows. A couple are just aliases to the applications themselves.


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Re: "Save As PDF"

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, that's a good idea, and probably wouldn't be too difficult. I'll add that to my feature ideas list for future versions.