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Request: Show time until next break

I'm constantly wondering how much time is left until the next break. It would be great to have a countdown somewhere...maybe in the contextual menu of the Dock icon or in the dropdown of the (upcoming) menubar icon?

Thanks...great product!

Also, an option to reset the

Also, an option to reset the break timer...there are times when I get up and walk around in the middle of a cycle for whatever reason. This throws off the "every 50 mintues" idea. I'd like to be able to reset the timer back to the beginning of the countdown.


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Re: Request: Show time until next break

Yes, I plan to have a countdown to the next break (or display the time of the next break) in the status menu in version 2. And possibly some other display options.

As for resetting the break timer, you can do that now by switching to the Time Out application and using the Break menu. But this too will be even easier in version 2.

Thanks for the feedback!

+1 to this feature

+1 to this feature request!

Any idea when version 2 is likely to be out?

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Re: +1 to this feature

Thanks for the vote!

Version 2 is a moving target... it keeps getting pushed back for other projects, unfortunately. I am keen to finish it, but have lots of other things to do too, so it's a matter of balancing and prioritizing.

Based on current plans, Time Out 2 will be out in Q3 — i.e. around August 2009. Could be sooner if I rearrange my schedule, though I think it's pretty optimized at present. Sorry for the delay! I know it's frustrating waiting for it; that's why I don't usually like to pre-announce major upgrades. I just wish I had more time in the day!