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Block keyboard activity?

First off, I wanted to say thanks for Time Out. I'm struggling to recover from a neck injury that's aggravated by computer use, and am a developer, which is a bad combination:) Within a couple of days of starting to use Time Out, I noticed a marked improvement in my neck.

Recently, I've started to notice that when a break appears, I can still type in the application I was using before the break appeared, even though I can't click on anything. It would be nice to at least have the option of blocking keyboard activity (though I'd argue it should be the default).

Thanks again for Time Out!

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Re: Block keyboard activity?

I do plan to add that option in Time Out 2. I personally enjoy being able to finish my thought as the break kicks in, though.

But in the meantime, there's an easy way to effectively have it now: simply click once the break has started, which will bring Time Out to the foreground (the only clue is the menus change), which blocks typing in your document. Time Out will automatically switch you back to your document when the break is completed.

Yeah, I figured out that

Yeah, I figured out that clicking does this, though I have to say, I'm compulsive enough that purposefully locking myself out in the moment isn't a good strategy:) I do think the keyboard block should kick in only at the end of the fade though - which hopefully gives enough time to finish the thought.

Looking forward to v2!

I actually want the ability

I actually want the ability to click in the background and see other things. I have a custom stretch / workout routine in another software program that I need to be able to activate, start and pause during the Time Outs.

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That will be possible in

That will be possible in Time Out 2; you'll be able to have breaks that don't completely block you, if that's what you want.