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Making the "Entries" Outline more functional

Think about making the Entries outline more functional. For starters, I'd like to see a smaller font size available in the Entries outline, so I could fit in longer titles.

I'm thinking of using Caboodle instead of OmniOutliner.

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Re: Making the "Entries" Outline more functional

You can make the sidebar wider to fit more text.

Yes, but...

Thanks, David.

Yes, I know that, and of course I can make the window taller to get in more lines. But you know, David, Caboodle is an organizer and I'm usually looking at or copying from other apps' windows, so screen area is limited. And I like to have long subjects like "Options to fix the winketty blink Model 3".

Look at OmniOutliner. Caboodle could attract "minimalist" users from OmniOutliner. But us minimalists don't like fonts to be any bigger than necessary for readability.


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Re: Yes, but...

How much smaller would you want the font? The row height is set by the icon size; I wouldn't want to make that any smaller. A slightly smaller font wouldn't allowing having all that many more characters in the outline text.

Icons! Arghh!!!

Ah, now I understand where you're coming from. It's those icons!

Look, I spent a couple hours this afternoon going through notes from my TextEdit "notepad", cutting and pasting snippets into Caboodle. I now have about 50 entries. And I've only gone through about 20% of my TextEdit document, and I'm tired of it for today, and it's not going fast enough. Although I did dig up alot of important notes.

Now, how many custom icons do you think I used? Of course, NONE!! All of my 50 entries have the default green ball. It's a notepad, David. I'm not going to spend time finding little icons for my little notes. I'll probably never use a single icon.

So, I say it should be sizeable down to 9 or 10 point. At whatever point you decide that it's too small for an icon, the icon goes away and becomes a green ball. Or maybe a blue ball. Or nothing at all! As far as I'm concerned, the icon is a cute but not-really-necessary decoration.

Thanks again,


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Re: Icons! Arghh!!!

Fair enough; I can see for someone with your needs, who doesn't care about the icons, a smaller icon and font could be useful. I could add a preference for small vs regular text in the outline, and use a smaller icon for the small size.

I'll add that to my feature suggestions list, for consideration in a future release.