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Caboodle Suggestions

I am trying Caboodle today and it is something that has been missing from the Mac platform, i.e. an efficient note filing/clipboard saving system. I miss ClipMate from my PC days, which just captures anything that one highlights and saves, all performed in the background. Caboodle has some elements of that.

Since I am a list maker and article saver, I wonder if you could think about adding the following capabilities:
1. Sort lists alphabetically made in Caboodle documents
2. Allow the user to make simple outlines either with your list or table functions. I find when I have multiple tasks in multiple projects, it is handy to work with hierarchical lists.
3. Give an option for the delete key to delete a Caboodle entry without having a confirmation window to deal with. You have an Undo function to recover with if necessary.
4. Have an option to have a new Caboodle file made when any text is saved from mail, webpages or documents. Also have a toggle to turn off this function in the Caboodle Dock menu. New captures could be brought in as Children under the Sibling called Clippings.
5. I dragged a pdf onto a Caboodle note and it overwrote it. I don't think that that should happen.

Looking forward to using Caboodle.

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Re: Caboodle Suggestions

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like Caboodle.

Sorting the Caboodle entries is something that has been requested by others, and is something I'll consider for future releases. Bypassing the deletion confirmation is a reasonable request, too.

Automatically capturing copied content could be a handy addition. It's a little tricky in that applications don't always export their clipboard content immediately; they often do so only when switching to another application. But perhaps there could be a way around that, since I know other apps manage to capture the clipboard.