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A few suggestions for an amazing program

Hi there,

Thanks again for making such a wonderfully useful application.

I know you are working on a version 2 and so I just wanted to submit some wishlist ideas. I know that software development is all about choosing priorities, so I don't EXPECT any of these to end up in the release, but here they are.

1) Give me the ability to hide Time Out in the Dock and put it up in the Menu Bar
2) Change the doc or (proposed) menu bar icon to show whether Time Out is timing or is in pause mode.
3) Give me a system-wide shortcut combination to pause or unpause Time Out, so I don't have to switch to the application. Alternately, a context menu from the dock/menu bar icon that let me do this would be great.
4) Give me stats on how often I pause or skip breaks (this is a nice-to-have where the others would be really useful!)

Keep up the great work!

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Re: A few suggestions for an amazing program

That looks familiar... I replied to an email with these suggestions. Did you not receive my reply? Anyway, I said:

Good news: the first three of those are definitely planned for version 2. Along with a lot more. #4 might also make it into 2.0, or might be added in a later update.

Thanks for the feedback!