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Dejal Forums and dejalbot

Hi David.

I love to follow simonbot at Twitter to be informed about new entries in your forums. I would be glad to see two tiny enhancements:

A) Could you update the simonbot message "Dejal forum posts just changed" to even offer a link to at least the Dejal forums entry page, or even better, to the forum which has the new post?

B) I would love to see the forum with the newest entry on top of the forums list page, as well as the topic with the newest message on top of each forum topics list page.


Best wishes from Ulf.

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Re: Dejal Forums and dejalbot

Hi Ulf,

I don't think the notification could be that precise; it doesn't understand the content being monitored, it just knows something changed.

You should check out the Recent Posts page. It lists the recent posts of all kinds (blog, forum, FAQ, PR, etc) and recent comments on all kinds of posts. I keep that page open in my browser to quickly see new posts when Simon notifies me of something new.