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preferences don't take

The preference to not launch at startup cannot be changed. I turn it off, and quit the program and it is enabled upon re-launch. Yes, I've trashed plist several times. I do not want BlogAssist to automatically launch.

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Re: preferences don't take

BlogAssist automatically re-enables that preference on startup, since it is designed to always be running. The preference is mainly useful if you want to uninstall the app.


I understand that it should always be running, but I'd prefer to launch it myself, in my own launch sequence, rather than it launching in the mishmash of stuff that really -has- to launch at login. I've never seen a preference that is just for uninstalling.

Your choice, I guess: it's your program. As a Mac user/programmer, I'm used to more control than that. (Even Simon doesn't force itself on you.) But you should note somewhere that it is not possible to prevent the program from launching, other than by deleting it, eh? :-)

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Re: OK

This behavior is something I plan to change in a future version... but not by making launching option, but rather the reverse. I plan to make BlogAssist into a "launchd" item, so it automatically starts and keeps running via the launchd mechanism instead of Startup Items.

But others have requested that launching be optional, so that is something I'm considering, too. I have a number of options that I'm considering, so feedback is helpful.

Feedback on new plans

Taking control away from the user is the antithesis of Mac programming, IMHO. While the features of Blog Assist are certainly useful to many, myself included, in my case (& I'd wager others) I'm not a full-time blogger. In fact, I spend lots of my time in Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. There are AV and multimedia applications that I use which demand as minimal a number of other programs running as possible.

I want Blog Assist when I want it, not forced on me when I don't want it.

How strongly do I feel about this? Enough to simply quit using it. I'll zip it up and then unpack it when I need it. I just don't like software forced on me.

My two cents.... I'm off to remove it from my machine, except as a zipped file I'll load when I can justify it.

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Re: Feedback on new plans

Thanks again for the perspective. It is helpful.

There's no need to zip it; just disable the preference and quit via the BlogAssist menu, and it won't relaunch automatically.