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Is there any way to search text that is entered in the body of the record rather than just keywords used in the header?

20 years ago I used a DOS program called MemoryMate that was a freeform database where I could search for any word or phrase used anywhere on any record.

The following quote from the user guide would indicate this functionality, but mine doesn't seem to work this way. "it contains a search field, which you can use to quickly find any entry. Simply begin typing in the search field, and Caboodle will immediately begin searching, and will list just the entries that contain the entered phrase. It will also highlight the search text in those entries."



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Re: Searching

Yes, using the search field will (or should) search the subject, custom fields, and body of the entry.

There was a bug in earlier versions where new text wouldn't be indexed until after you quit and relaunch Caboodle, but that has been fixed. You could try doing that to confirm, though.

Of course, it won't find text until after the entry has been saved.

If you only want to find text in the current entry (including before saving), you can use the Find command instead. Click in the entry rich text area and press Cmd-F to display the find & replace window.

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Search within words?

Any chance to have the search include, not just the start of the word, but parts of them, too?

For example, right now "straw" would return entries containing "strawberry" or "straw" or "strawman" but searching for "berry" would not return "strawberry." Not sure how big a deal that is just yet, but one of the things I am planning to use Caboodle for is archiving internet chats, and screen names can get weird with their creative spellings.

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Re: Search within words?

The search features are implemented by the OS, so I'm not sure if that is feasible. I'll investigate.