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Cross-link, or "see also"

I saw in another thread an idea for aliases, and while this is similar, I think it is different enough for another post.

I'd like to be able to open one entry ("Entry 1') , and then select another item (Entry 2") from the entries list and drag it onto the new item.

The result I would like to see is a link to Entry 2 appear in the record for Entry 1. What would be great is if a new Field appeared, like "See also:" and a clickable link to Entry 2 showed up. If a "see also" field had previously been generated, a second (third, etc) link would be added.

Almost as good would be if a clickable link showed up in the body of the entry, similar to the way that a web URL appears now.

That way, for example, I could link a picture, included in Pictures of a recipe served at a party, and stored with other party pics, to the recipe, without copying it. Or, link a blog entry or project record to contact information about that person.

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Re: Cross-link, or "see also"

Yes, internal links has been requested a number of times before, and is definitely high on my priority list for a future version. I've added your vote for this feature.

I'll probably do it as a hyperlink in the entry body text, though adding a custom field is an intriguing idea too.

Adding internal linking

Count me in as another vote.