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Inherit Siblings different from Child

Unless I misunderstand, right now, New Sibling and New Child to the same thing - create a new blank entry under the current Parent with the icon and custom Fields of the current Parent. (Way cool, by the way!)


How about having "New Child" inherit the icon and custom fields and keywords from the Parent, while having "New Sibling" inherit the icon and custom fields of the sibling being cloned?

An Example:
So, under Friends, I have Bob, with a custom icon of Bob, and keywords "Friend, bartender, square dancing"

I have a AIM chat with him, create a Child of Bob, and get a new entry with the same icon and keywords. Then I add a new keyword "AIM chat" and a couple of custom fields.

If I go up a level and do "New Child" I get a new entry with the icon of Bob the three keywords.

But if I do a new Sibling of the first chat, I could get the custom icon, the three keywords, AND the AIM chat keyword and custom fields.

Right now, I can do a workaround it by doing a New Child of the last chat, then pulling it up a level, making it a sibling of the first one, or I could do a whole new Child of Bob called Chats with Bob with the custom fields, and put all the chats there. But it could be handy to have the different functionality between New Child and New Sibling.

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Re: Inherit Siblings different from Child

New Child and New Sibling do do the same thing, in a sense, though with different parents: New Child uses the selected entry as the parent, cloning its attributes, while New Sibling uses the parent of the selected entry as the parent.

The assumption is that a child entry should assume the attributes of its parent, not its siblings... and that children of a parent entry would typically have the same attributes. That doesn't seem to be the case with your usage.

Your workaround is certainly feasible, and the way I'd recommend doing it.

I'll make a note of your suggestion, though, and consider it for a future release. If anyone doesn't like this idea, let me know.