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Is there a chance you'll someday offer some user options for the green Caboodle icon? I know your site and product themes are green, but though I love and use Caboodle daily, I nearly get sick looking at the green bag each time I launch it. Nothing personal...I just think a satchel should be brown or black. Thanks for listening.


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Re: Caboodle icon

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm rather fond of the green bag icon, personally, but I know everyone has different tastes.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible for an app to have a preference for the icon color (or otherwise change the icon).

One rather hacky option: you could open the Caboodle.icns file within the Caboodle app package, and replace the icon either with a tweaked edition to recolor it, or something completely different if you prefer. Of course, you'd need to re-apply your change every time the app is updated.

I like the icon itself, so

I like the icon itself, so I'll try changing the green, but most likely will just keep it as is. I just thought there might be others with the same request and that someday you would offer alternative icons. Thanks.