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license request

Just before xmas my house was burglarized and my laptop was one of the items stolen. I have a replacement now and need to request that my license be resent to me for Simon.

I looked around the site for a mail link but couldn't find anything which is why I'm posting this here. If there is a better method for doing this, let me know.


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Re: license request

There's no need to have a license sent; all of my Mac products, including Simon, have a license lookup feature. Simply enter your name and email address in the license window and click the Find button, and your license will be looked up on my server and automatically added.

The bottom of every page on this site includes a contact link, plus the About page has a Contact menu item. The contact page has an email link and a contact form.

Thanks for the assist. I've

Thanks for the assist. I've got it up and going now.

I swear I clicked the contact link and didn't see any of what I see now. I guess I was more tired at the time than I thought. Thanks again.