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Why does Time Out block "Lock Screen"?

I'm a big fan of Time Out. Thanks very much for making it available.

At my company we tend to lock our screens when we step away from our desks. I would like it if Time Out would allow me to lock the screen when one of the 10-minute breaks starts, and keep track of the elapsed break time, while I go get a cup of coffee/walk around/etc. But Time Out doesn't appear to allow this, at least so far as I can tell.

As a workaround, I've just been noting the time when the break starts, postponing the break, locking the screen, and then resetting the breaks when I return and ten minutes has gone by. That certainly doesn't seem so bad, but is a little suboptimal from my point of view.

So, I'd be delighted if Time Out would keep track of my break while I'm away from the computer and the screen is locked.

Thanks, Mike

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Re: Why does Time Out block "Lock Screen"?

I don't think it'd be accurate to say that Time Out is "blocking" the lock screen, it just doesn't know about it.

The lock screen is actually a function of the screensaver, I believe (or perhaps some lower part of the OS). So when the break starts, you could just move your mouse pointer to the "activate screensaver" corner, and that'd lock it.

I just had a look, and don't see any programmatic way to invoke the lock screen, though I could perhaps simulate it by displaying an authentication panel (like you get when installing system updates) over a black background.

I'll make a note of that suggestion for consideration in version 2.