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Failover SMTP server

One thing that I really miss from WhistleBlower is the ability to have a secondary SMTP server that Simon would use if the primary SMTP server is down.

The obvious use for this is when you're monitoring your mailserver and it goes down, you want Simon to use a secondary mailserver to send out the notifications. But you can't always use the secondary mailserver as the Simon SMTP server because you also want a notification if it goes down.

Yes, you could create an expanding number of Notifiers, one for each SMTP server but with otherwise identical options, but that really starts to get redundant and messy.

Plus that doesn't help if the main SMTP server just happens to be down and I want notifications from other systems: I really should be able to have any SMTP Notifier try the primary SMTP server and then if that fails, try the secondary (and perhaps tertiary).

So I'd like to see Simon's SMTP Notifier provide an option to fail over to a secondary/tertiary SMTP server if the first one doesn't work. It already provides for multiple SMTP servers, so this seems like a necessary function, instead of us having to manage manually (and messily) with duplicated Notifiers, and still not have the ideal redundancy for any Notification.

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Re: Failover SMTP server

That is definitely something I want to add in the future. One way to do it could be the planned groups feature, so you add a group of notifiers, and configure it to use only one of the notifiers — the first one if available, otherwise the second one, and so on. Or it might be better as an email notifier option.

But yeah, the workaround for now would be to use different SMTP servers for the test and notifier: have the SMTP #1 test use SMTP #2 as the notifier, and vice versa.