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Moving Caboodle to a New Machine

I just started using Caboodle and I'm loving it. My use and entries are growing every day.

I can see a new computer in my not-too-distant future. (It's about time!) I want to make sure that I set things up now to ensure a smooth move.

I know where the data file is. My concern has to do with aliases and URL refs. What do I need to do now to minimize troubles when I move to the new machine. Will all aliases and references be lost? Or is there some set-up or actions I can take now to prepare for the move.

Thanks, and good job!

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Re: Moving Caboodle to a New Machine

I believe the aliases are stored as file paths, so as long as the relative positions of the files doesn't change, they should remain valid. If you use Apple's Migration Assistant when moving to the new machine (as I'd recommend), all will be well.

Attachments stored within Caboodle will definitely move without difficulty.