Thank you for FinderFront. One the few things I miss about the classic Mac days was that a mere click on the desktop brought all open Finder windows to the front.

However, one caveat I've found while using FinderFront is that the ability to drag clippings to the desktop no longer works. Try to select some text and drag it to your desktop... nope, nada, zilch.

Am I missing something?

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Re: FinderFront?

That's an unfortunate side effect of the way FinderFront works; it basically covers the desktop with an invisible window, so it can detect clicks on it.

One workaround would be to press the show-desktop key while dragging (F11 on older machines, something else on newer ones). Another would be to press Cmd-Tab to switch to the Finder while dragging, and drag to the Desktop item in the Places sidebar.

FinderFront no longer works in Snow Leopard?

After brief testing, I'm thinking that FF doesn't work with 10.6.2?

Ideally, it might be a prefpane, so that one could choose to have it work in only the Finder or have it work in all apps (my preference). I realize it's free and not a priority, but for those of us who have habits from the old days, it's very handy.

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I just confirmed that

I just confirmed that FinderFront still works with Snow Leopard.

I don't plan on making it into a prefpane; it's a very simple tool, designed for one job, so doesn't need any preferences.