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How can we maximize Caboodle ‘s efficiency?

How can we maximize Caboodle’s efficiency and speed?

Is it better to put lots of data in a single entry (alternative #1) or to create a long series of siblings below a single parent (alternative #2)?

It would obviously be easier to search using alternative #2, but does that format slow things down as I increase the amount of information I’m storing vs alternative #1?

Is there a maximum practical size for a Caboodle file? How will I know when I’m approaching it? What can I do in that case?

Thanks for some really useful software.


Alternative #1:
Info date #1

Info data #2


Alternative #2

+Child #1 = Info data #1
+Child #2 = Info data #2
+ [more children/siblings]

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Re: How can we maximize Caboodle ‘s efficiency?

Either option would be fine. You can organize things in whatever way works best for you.

I would recommend separate entries where they make sense, though.

The maximum amount of data Caboodle can handle is about 2 GB, I believe. There are technical reasons for that that I won't go into, but suffice to say that it's a common limit for a single file and memory access with 32-bit addressing. That limit will be increased in the future, but is more than enough for typical usage.

I recommend avoiding putting too many large attachments in Caboodle, as they can eat up that space, and slow down loading and saving. You can instead keep the files in a folder in the Finder and alias them to Caboodle by holding down the Ctrl key when dragging into an entry.

If you do reach the limit, Caboodle will alert you that it couldn't save, so you can delete something from the entry and try again. Most people would never see that, though.

Caboodle efficiency - cont.


I’m not sure I completely understand how to use aliases.

How does moving saved files to a desktop folder effect the ”PDF to Caboodle” action (which I REALLY like)? After I PDF -> Caboodle should I then move the PDF file to the desktop folder and create an alias?

I’m concerned because I’m already seeing a bit of a slowdown.


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Re: Caboodle efficiency - cont.

The PDF to Caboodle feature saves the PDF directly in a Caboodle entry. You could drag it out to the Finder, but that'll just make a copy. You'd also need to delete the copy in the entry then Ctrl-drag back into Caboodle.

I plan on changing the storage mechanism in the future to avoid this issue, so any amount of data and attachments can be stored without any slowdown. Stay tuned.