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How does Caboodle use RAM?

As I understand it, Caboodle is designed to reside completely in RAM when it is being used. Is this true?

This could possibly create a problem -- since I launch Caboodle at start. If Caboodle is in RAM (I have 3GB), what happens when another app. wants to use some of that RAM? Right now CB is listed as “inactive” even though I have its window open. Does this mean it’s not using any RAM?

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Re: How does Caboodle use RAM?

Yes, Caboodle's data is entirely in RAM.

That doesn't interfere with other apps, though. Mac OS X has a sophisticated virtual memory management system, where it "pages in and out" blocks of memory as needed. If an app like Caboodle is idle and another app needs the RAM, the OS can automatically buffer blocks of memory on disk and make that RAM available to the other app. When Caboodle needs it again, it just pages it back in again.

You can run any number of apps in Mac OS X, and the OS takes care of it. It might just get slower if you have too many things open at once, particularly when switching to an app that hasn't been used for a while.

RAM understood

AMAZING! I actually understood that!