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Find does not work

Find pops up but does not actually find text actually in the records, in this case the name of the software in Serials.

Can't copy down

In the serials you can't copy down common information.

You can not even select cells in a column, the selection runs through the cells first along rows then down to next column.

Can't sort tables

I can not sort the entries in the serials table which is now getting rather long.

I would like to sort by Product, Licensed Name, Bought, Notes (purchased from).

Can't export to tab/comma delimited text

Can't export to tab/comma delimited text.

I'd like to export my serials into a database, export options are limited.

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Re: Find does not work etc

Find does work. Note that there are two ways to search: entering text in the search field in the toolbar searches all entries, whereas using Cmd-F to show the Find panel searches only the text of the current entry.

In tables, if you want to select in a column, hold down the Option key while selecting to do a rectangular selection. (This works elsewhere too.)

Yes, tables can't be sorted. That's a limitation of the OS, which provides the table feature. I might enhance it to support that in the future, though.

The Export options are designed to export all or multiple entries, not just one. Again, this is an area I might enhance in a future version, based on customer requests.

Thanks for the feedback; I hope this helps.