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Database won't read


I have been storing the caboodle database on dropbox without a problem. I upgraded to snow leopard and puff its gone. I see the database but Caboodle won't recognize it even though I have dragged right onto the machine I am trying to access it on. Caboodle seems to work with a new database but not the one that has all of my data. Very, very bad for me. Any solutions?


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Re: Database won't read

I'm sorry to hear that. Snow Leopard does seem to have some issues.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to send me a copy of your data via email so I can analyze it. I will of course treat it strictly confidential.

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Re: Database won't read

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sending the data. It opens fine, once you rename it appropriately.

The file you sent is named "Caboodle Data~ (joeofficemac.local's conflicted copy 2009-08-28).caboodledata.xml" — it should be simply "Caboodle Data.caboodledata". Rename it and all is well.

Note that simply removing the ".xml" extension (along with the other extraneous text) may not be enough, as the Finder might just hide the extension. Choose Get Info on the file and change the name in the "Name & Extension" section to ensure the ".xml" extension is actually removed.