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Launching apps via Link

Unsure if this is a change from a previous version of Caboodle or a change because of Snow Leopard ...

I have a page in Caboodle that I use to open other apps, kind of like a doc for apps I use with Caboodle. I pasted in icons, and then used the Link button to connect the icon with the app. The link was "file://Macintosh HD/Application/app name." It used to work great (though it has been a while since I've used it regularly).

Now instead of launching the app, all it does is take me to the folder where the app is located. if this is permanent, then so be it. Bug maybe? I really liked the hypertext nature of the links. And if I recall correctly, I could copy/paste the link into TextEdit and it would work there (so I'm suspecting this is a change brought on by an OS revision.)


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Re: Launching apps via Link

I didn't change the link handling behavior in Caboodle, so it must be a Snow Leopard change. They probably feel they're protecting you from accidentally launching applications, though it does seem a useful idea.

One thing you could try is to change the URL to "file://Macintosh HD/Application/app name/Contents/MacOS/appname" — for Cocoa apps, that extra stuff is the path to the actual executable within the application package.