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Flexible server monitoring

Limitations in the demo

Are there limitations in the demo around the number of times a test will automatically run?

I've set up a single 'ping' test with a 15 minute repeat and a 2 minute time out yesterday, and when I checked this morning it had stalled out ("Next Check"=waiting) and when I got home from work today it was in the same state. Both times clicking the "Check Now" button kicked things off again.

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Re: Limitations in the demo

The "waiting" means there is a window with a demo reminder on-screen (perhaps hidden under the Monitor window). Close it to resume the tests. The reminders only appear once per day or less, until you purchase.

The evaluation period is fully functional, other than that gentle reminder (it's somewhat humorous too; different messages each day).

Yep, that was it. The

Yep, that was it. The registration window was buried on a different monitor behind a bunch of Safari windows!

So far so good. I'm going to try out some of the service-specific tests today.