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Time Out is not working properly on snow leopard


I am having major problems with TimeOut. It seemed to work briefly yesterday when I downloaded it and since then it hasn't worked. In addition, I cannot send the program to the trash because it says it is open, though I have tried quitting the program numerous times. When I click on any of the time out buttons--e.g., system preferences, nothing happens. Please help! I don't know how to fix the problem or remove the software from the computer as it's not responding regardless of what I try.
I'm using snow leopard as my operating system--not sure if this is a factor.

From the small glimpse I got of the program--I liked it and thought it seemed like it could be useful; however, only if it will actually work!

Thanks, in advance.


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Re: Time Out is not working properly on snow leopard

Hi Tracy,

I'm sorry Time Out is misbehaving for you. I haven't had any other reports of issues, so I'm most curious what could be causing it. Thanks also for alerting me to needing to update the Dejal site account info to include Snow Leopard as an option; I've now corrected that.

Does Time Out appear in the Dock? If so, click it to activate Time Out. You can then quit via the Time Out menu.

If that doesn't work, Ctrl-click on the Dock icon to show the dock menu. It will include a Quit or Force Quit command. Choose that. Or hold Option to change Quit to Force Quit.

Then I suggest restarting your Mac, and see if Time Out launches and runs normally. If all is well, great. If not, you can force quit it again, then should be able to trash the app if you wish.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.  I'm happy to help.


Hi David,

I tried what you suggested--using the force quit option (as it wouldn't quit otherwise), and now the program seems to be working fine! Thanks so much for your help!