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I really like the "Save PDF to Caboodle” function. However, I’m trying to limit the copying of entire files to Caboodle to improve/maintain speed. This, according to you, means I copy an alias of the PDF to Caboodle and keep the original in a folder elsewhere.

Would it be possible to set up an automation of this operation as an alternative to the simple Save PDF to Caboodle?

BTW, I keep the original PDFs in files appropriate to their subjects (eg, Banking, or Spacecraft, etc) and thus use Caboodle as a super-index.

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Yes, the handy "Save PDF to

Yes, the handy "Save PDF to Caboodle" function can be detrimental to the data size. I considered adding an option to have to automatically save to a different location, but since I plan to redesign the data model to avoid this issue in a future version, I didn't want to complicate things unnecessarily.

In he meantime, if you want to keep the PDFs externally, you can drag them out of the entry to the desired location, delete the copy in the entry, and replace it with an alias to the folder copy. Or use the standard "Save as PDF" option and drag that into Caboodle. Sorry for the inconvenience! As I said, I plan to improve this in a future version.

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