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Feature request: Desk exercise script

This is a suggestion for enhancing the micro break. I've had partial success creating it myself with a home-made applescript and a folder containing a bunch of RTF text files; but I'm not geeky enough to really make it work.

What I'd love to see is an optional setting for the micro break that would produce a fullscreen view of a 10-second stretch or physical exercise to do at the desk or standing near the desk (e.g. back arch, eye roll, shoulder rotation, etc.). You could create it with a default set of say 6 exercises, plus a user fill-in form to create your own. It would be ideal if it had both text and a stick-figure diagram; the user form could then have a field for loading an image to function as the diagram. And it would be good if the user could decide to display text only, diagram only or text-and-diagram. (You could go more hi-tech and add audio and video clips as well, but I don't think that's necessary - keep it simple.)

What are the chances ... ?

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Re: Feature request: Desk exercise script


Thanks for your feedback.

This is exactly the kind of thing that will be possible with Time Out 2, along with a lot more. Version 2 is currently due out around mid-2010.

People who donate any amount now will be eligible for a free license when it's available.

Brilliant!! Donation on it's

Brilliant!! Donation on it's way .... :)

Lance <º))><

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving may not be for you.

Previously I had tried

Previously I had tried MacBreakz, which had a nice timer and stretch routine, but there was no ability to customize the routine to taste. I recently purchased MynaTime, which lets me create very custom workout or stretch routines with itunes music, video and pictures. I found Time Out when looking for a timer program to use with MynaTime. If you have seen this program, how will the new Time Out compare in features and customization ability?

I plan to donate, but this will better give me an idea of how much the 2.0 program will be worth.

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MynaTime looks like an

MynaTime looks like an interesting application. Time Out 2 will let you do similar things; I do plan on including customizable speech and slideshows of text and/or images, among other options.

A couple requests... First

A couple requests...

First would be to set the micro break to any time. It is limited to 2 minutes, but my routine is actually 5 minutes of stretching. I have back issues related to prolonged computer use and I need more than a 2 minute break.

One thing MynaTime does that I like is to turn down the iTunes volume while it is speaking and then let it return to normal once the speaking stops. This allows you to hear instructions and then follow them to your music of choice. You might consider something along those lines too.

Lastly, how long do you think it will be until the 2.0 release?


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Re: A couple requests...

Thanks for the suggestions.

Time Out 2 will enable you to have any number of breaks, and will have much more flexible break scheduling options.

You could use start and end scripts in the current version to turn down the volume and restore it.

As for when 2.0 will be out, I'm currently finishing off a major new iPhone app, then will be working on Simon 2.6, then Time Out 2 will be my next priority. So depending on how things go, we're probably looking at around June for the release. I know, quite a while... but there's a lot of work involved.