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Web Account Topic Suggestion

Very new to this, but enjoying the options for creative organization.. a long time virtual necessity for me. You include "Serial Numbers" to keep track of account info etc. Wanted to suggest you implement a "Web Accounts" tab so that one may record the sites they have registered accounts with; be it an online banking account, an online shopping account from a particular store or internet mass discount code site shipping accounts etc. I often try to keep my user-names and passwords all the same- but so often certain sites require more complex ID entries...making all UID's, sites and passwords difficult to keep track of and annoying to have to reset each time.
Just a suggestion..

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Re: Web Account Topic Suggestion

That could be a useful addition. Of course, you can add such an item very easily.

You might be interested in a third-party product called 1Password for that kind of thing, though. It can integrate into your browser and auto-fill login fields for you. (Yes, it has some crossover with Caboodle's functionality, but I don't mind recommending other developers' products; indie Mac developers are a friendly bunch.)