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Can I export a sibling and all children at the same time? It appears that exporting can only be done one child or sibling at a time. I'm trying out Caboodle, and this would be a big plus for me. I would primarily use Caboodle as an outliner, using siblings as chapters. It would be nice not to have to export each one individually. Thanks.

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Re: Exporting

Yes, Caboodle will export the selected entries and all child entries within them. If you deselect all entries, all entries will be exported.

See the Export page of the User Guide for more information.

Thank you

Thanks for the quick answer. Time now for me to purchase Caboodle.

Feature Request

Unfortunately (at least for me), the exporting feature exports all the selected documents (which is great), but as separate documents, which is not so great for me because I have to reassemble them into one big document again. As you might guess, I am using Caboose primarily to write books, each chapter being a child. It works great for organization purposes, but the exporting of chapters as separate documents is inconvenient. So consider this a feature request. Overall, I like Caboodle.

It's the best Mac outliner I've seen for me, a new Mac user. However, there are some really good free outliners for Windows, such as keynote and seonote.

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Re: Feature Request

Yes, I've had a few requests for an export as a single document, and that is something I will likely add in a future release. Thanks for the feature vote!