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You deserve a break

Please, could you make an option to hide the meter that shows how much time there's left of the break


I love your program - it makes me come back to reality from the cyberspace without having to monitor the time myself. Great!
Anyway, I have a suggestion.

I would prefer if it didn't show - for example - how many seconds there is until the break ends.
I would just prefer to enjoy my break without knowing how much time there's left.

So would it be possible to have an option to hide the 'show time left' ? : )

I would be much grateful!
Otherwise great program,

Greetings from Finland


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Re: Please, could you make an option...

Thanks for the suggestion. I do plan on having more flexible break options in version 2, and one planned option is to have breaks that end when you click a button. So it could make sense to have breaks that don't show a fixed duration, too.