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How can I use Caboodle in English?


I'm a French user of Caboodle 1.3.5 (so the usual language for my Mac is French), but I'm contrary and would like to use Caboodle in English. How can I do this?

With some applications, you just have to go to the Finder / Information window and keep only "English" in the list of languages, but there seems to be no such choice for Caboodle used with Snow Leopard. Is it something I could change in the "Info.plist", maybe?

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Re: How can I use Caboodle in English?

Apple does seem to have removed the ability to disable localizations via Get Info. I don't know why they did that; it seemed like a useful feature. Maybe because of code signing, perhaps.

Anyway, yes, you can disable the French localization by choosing Show Package Contents in the app icon's contextual menu, then navigate to the Resources folder and drag the French.lproj folder to the Trash.

Many thanks for this very

Many thanks for this very quick answer.