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AppleScript request

TimeOut is great, but it interrupts my workflow when I'm Cmd-Tabbing between two apps. After a break, TimeOut becomes the second-frontmost app. I wish it would hide itself immediately after each break and not respond to Cmd-Tab.

Because it's possible to run a script at the end of each break, that seems like a good way to get the result I'm after. Trouble is, my scripting skills are out of date (by about 10 years). Can anyone advise me on how to hide TimeOut with an AppleScript?

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Re: AppleScript request

I'm sure someone will be able to help you with the AppleScript request; I'm not sure of the exact syntax for such an operation, and a quick look in AppleScript Editor's library didn't reveal it.

Note that in version 2 this will no longer be an issue, as you won't have to keep the Time Out app running; it'll use a background-only helper for the breaks etc.